US Grants Tariff Exclusions

Hello Reader, Positive news and signs of a calming trade war continue to come from both the US and Chinese governments as 2018 comes to a close. A very welcome undertone after an extremely chaotic second half of 2018 with concerns for increasing tariffs and the potential for unknown results. This month, several new developments […]

China Echoes Success of Trade Truce

Hello, During the course of last weekend through today, the media, the markets, the industry and others have seen conflicting reports on the trade truce reportedly reached at Saturday’s dinner with President Trump and Xi. There was confusion over the 90 day cease-fire and when it would begin, concerns China had not committed to any

Tariffs – Resolved or… Not?

Hello, This past weekend the world watched as Presidents Trump and Xi sat down for the highly anticipated dinner at the G20 summit. As the evening went on, the first whisper of news that a trade truce had been reached sparked immediate celebration and the potential promise for a break from the tariff roller coaster