Trade War Concerns Escalate

Late last week, President Trump announced the next round of tariffs targeting China; the amount, $50 billion.  In response, China announced a proposal for matching tariffs equally in response.  Global markets responded, swiftly declining in total caps and value.   Early this week, President Trump announced the potential of additional tariffs targeting China, this time […]

United States Goes Ahead, Tariffs on Chinese Goods

On the Hill in D.C. this past Friday, President Trump gave confirmation that the US will move ahead with imposing new tariffs on Chinese manufactured goods.  A hot topic as of late, it is the most recent development in the US trade war aimed at international goods.  The latest tariffs add approximately 25% duty to

Carriers Prepare To Deploy Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS)

In the midst of skyrocketing oil costs, Steamship Lines across the world are preparing to re-align the Bunker Adjustment Factor, or BAF for short, on trade lanes across the world.  Recent announcements indicate an immenent emergency charge termed “Emergency Bunker Surcharge” or EBS for short.  Global trade destinations outside the United States fell subject to