Cosco Hit By Ransomware! 


Cosco hit by ransomware!

This week, Cosco fell victim to a similar fate of Maersk from 2017, a ransomware attack on all windows machines.  The attack hit Cosco’s US network and has spread affecting operations in US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.

The attack caused problems for all technology based systems including websites, emails, and phone infrastructure.

in 2017 when Maersk suffered a cyber attack, it took nearly two months to clear and restore all systems.  In the midst of the situation Maersk was forced to adjust processes from booking to invoicing.  Cosco faces similar challenges.  Cosco is not accepting hazardous shipments while the systems are down and employees are resorting to personal email domains in order to support client needs and inquiries.  Shipping systems are still functional including booking and shipping management, customer service seems to be most heavily affected as communication tools are not operational currently.

Cosco is working hard to restore services as quickly as possible but no timeframe is available at this point.