Zim Joins Likes of 2M Alliance, In part

Announced early this week is a slight change to one of the three largest carrier alliances, 2M.  2M, founded by Maersk and MSC and also including Hyundai operate one of the three major carrier alliances for Asia/North America service.  2M accounts for roughly 20% of all capacity.

Zim released news that they are teaming up with 2M to combine and optimize services on US East Coast strings.  MSC and Maersk jointly maintain five loops for Asia to US East Coast and Zim operates two loops as an independent carrier with no alliance affiliation.  Information released points to a reduction to four loops by Maersk and MSC and a reduction of one loop by Zim to offer a total of five loops on the shared service, which is slated to begin in September.

For Zim, the move extends their reach in Asia having shared slots on the 2M services, while also improving efficiency in operations.  They are not officially joining the 2M alliance, this is dubbed as a cooperative agreement at the moment.  The move also serves as a win for Zim who has been targeting participation in a major alliance for nearly twenty years.