Tariffs – List Three Status

The looming “List 3” tariff hearings have concluded this past Monday. The discussion, circling the impending decision and deployment of anywhere from 10% to 25% tariffs to be imposed on $200b of Chinese exported products has ended and businesses the world over are awaiting any sign of a final result. Hearings included major business representation, […]

Zim + 2M Impacts Wilmington Transit Times

Last month, global steamship line Zim announced an impending partnership to be established with one of the three major carrier alliances, 2M.  2M, comprised of Maersk, Mediterranean Shipping Company and Hamburg Sud competes globally as one of the three major carrier alliances. The announcement sited an action date of approximately first week of September.  The

Overseas Holidays

A short listing of upcoming office closures in Asia:   Hong Kong Office – Public Holidays The Day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival : 25 Sep 2018 (Tuesday) China Branch Office – Public Holidays Mid-Autumn Festival : 24 Sep 2018 (Monday) Taiwan Branch Office – Public Holidays Mid-Autumn Festival︰ 24 Sep 2018 (Monday) Malaysia Branch Office