Will Cargo Will Beat The 25% January 1 Deadline?

Hello, With November just around the corner, importers are arranging departures that will be starting to approach late December ETA into the States. East Coast shipments being booked out through November are in the ‘danger zone’ for late December ETA and the question on many importer’s minds is “will I beat the new tariff?” This […]

Vessel Capacity All But Gone

Hello Reader, As 2018 comes to an end, importers would normally be winding down purchase orders and inbound shipments preparing for a calmer November and December. But this year is anything but normal! The reality of Q4 2018 is that there is a nationwide race to prepare, complete and ship every last piece of product

Trade War – Signs of Weakening Chinese Position

On September 24th, Section 301 tariffs went into effect increasing the total Duty rate to goods by an additional 10%. President Trump and The Office of The Trade Representative also announced a second implementation date of January 1, 2019, at which time the 10% increase will be raised to 25%. The news has US companies