Temporary Trade War Truce

Last week, top delegates from China and the United States sat down again to work on settling the ongoing trade war. This marks the 13th official gathering for such discussions. Overall, signals and expectations came out positive. Friday, President Trump announced that the US is on the verge of a temporary and partial truce with […]

Dorian Moves In

Good Morning, Hurricane Dorian has been threatening the US East Coast several days now. Over the weekend, Dorian moved from category 3, to 4, then to 5. Currently, categorized as a 3 and passing over the Bahamas. Dorian’s track is forecasted up the east coast, potentially holding 50-75 miles off the coast. Storm surges and

List 4; 10%

The battle continues between two of the world’s largest economies; The United States and China. While we are more than one year beyond the first cries of a trade war, we are further away from a resolution than has been the case since the beginning. On August 1, President Trump announced via Twitter his plans