List 4; 10%

The battle continues between two of the world’s largest economies; The United States and China. While we are more than one year beyond the first cries of a trade war, we are further away from a resolution than has been the case since the beginning.

On August 1, President Trump announced via Twitter his plans to rollout tariffs on the final products manufactured in China. This group, commonly referred to as List 4 is now staged for an additional 10% tariff beginning September 1. Over the last thirteen days, there has been no discussion or detail related to actual deployment of list 4 tariffs, dates, exceptions or processes.

Today, The United States Trade Representative Office released a press release summarizing List 4 actions (Links Below). Based on the release, we know that 10% tariffs will be applied to more than $300M in goods manufactured in China effective 9/1/2019. We also know it will be rolled out in two parts, or more. List 4A , effective 9/1 while List 4B will be deployed on 12/15. List 4B includes articles such as cell phones, laptop computers, some toys, monitors and items of footwear and clothing. Some more key items related to health, safety and national security have been removed.

What we do not yet know is if the 9/1 and 12/15 dates relate to date of arrival or departure for the application of the additional tariffs. As more details are available, we will provide updates.

A second note, exemption requests for List 3 which opened June 30th will close on September 30. If you have exemption requests, be sure to process them before the window closes.


US Trade Representative Press Release: