Dorian Moves In

Good Morning,

Hurricane Dorian has been threatening the US East Coast several days now. Over the weekend, Dorian moved from category 3, to 4, then to 5. Currently, categorized as a 3 and passing over the Bahamas.

Dorian’s track is forecasted up the east coast, potentially holding 50-75 miles off the coast. Storm surges and high winds are expected as it moves north. Terminals in the southeast are taking precautions, below is a list of current activity and surrounding areas status.

Port of Miami – Closed, no evacuations orders

Port of Jacksonville – Closed, partial evacuations ordered

Port of Savannah – Closed Tuesday/Wednesday, Evacuations ordered for surrounding counties

Port of Charleston – open Tuesday, closed Wed-Thur, evacuations ordered

Port of Wilmington – Open with extended hours, anticipated closure beginning Wednesday, no evacuation ordered currently

Port of Norfolk – Open, no evacuations ordered currently