Making Sense of the US Trade War Changes

A lot is happening on the trade war front presently. Tariff increases, deadlines, circumstantial changes, additional tariffs… We understand that this leaves many companies searching for accurate information as to what increases they face and when those increases are effective. The objective today is to provide you with a bit more clarity than may be […]

T-Minus 36 Hours to Tariff Hike

We are rapidly approaching the deadline for the latest round of tariffs on $300 billion in Chinese products to hit US importers; less than 36 hours to be exact. Negotiations between The United States and China have been completely blown to pieces, this week the world’s two largest economies have been battling blow for blow

Trade War Continues to Escalate

The US and China trade war continues to escalate. Earlier, China declared 25% tariffs on a new list of US exports. This morning, President Trump announced preparation of a new set of tariffs on the remaining product imported from China. The tariff will be up to 25% and is slated for earliest deployment in late